People Are Switching to Electric Cars – Automatic Driving Lessons Newbury and Basingstoke

Only around 5% of people who have made the change to electric vehicles say that they would move back to a convention petrol or diesel car in the most comprehensive survey ever. Over 7,000 people were surveyed and more than 9 in 10 said that they would not ever go back to a regular car.

According to Robert Llewellyn’s you tube channel “Fully Charged” which has been going now for around 8 years with almost 400 episodes, over 7,000 of its viewers took part in a 50 question survey to determine future trends in the electric vehicle market. Robert has been talking about electric cars, batteries and solar panels for around 10 years and it’s incredible to think that the viewers and thee general pupil are finally embracing the changes that are happening in the car market. Anyone who has driven an electric car are impressed by how good they are.

 The youtube channel has an audience that are “early adaptors” to both EV’s and also to clean energy or renewable energy. Their concerns lie with worries about climate change and also air pollution. Slowly but surely the UK government are coming to terms with changing attitudes and are moving towards cleaner, renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and wave power.

 Many people are also considering switching from conventional energy suppliers to “green energy” suppliers. Many re also interested in producing their own energy with technology such as, heat pumps, solar panels, small wind turbines and “vehicle to grid”. It won’t be long before renewable energy will be the mainstream of every home and business.  Hopefully the electric vehicle will be in more demand and this will reflect in peoples demand for green driving lessons in Newbury and Basingstoke.

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  1. Fantastic instructor the whole time. Never a bad word or raised voice which must have been difficult with me haha. Not much more I can say other than Peter is the reason I passed first time.

    1. Hi Jack. Thank you so much for your review. Good luck in your new venture and lets hope your awards keep coming 🙂

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