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It has been revealed in research compiled by Go Car Credit that as many as one in five adults are simply ‘too scared’ to learn to drive. They found that over 2.5 million claimed that the reason they had not taken lessons was that they were avoiding taking the motoring plunge out of fear. 3 out of 100 people gave their reason for not taking lessons as being ‘too lazy’. The top reason fortunately seems the most balanced, with more than a third of those asked stating that they did not need to drive and present, and with the costs associated with driving lessons it made sense for them to hold-fire for the time being. Cost was the sole reason for 31% in the study, not just for the lessons but also the costs that come from owning a car: cost of vehicle, cost of fuel and maintenance, etc. As Go Car Credit’s Marketing Manager says, ‘Driving can open up a whole host of opportunities in our day-to-day lives.’

All of these appear to be legitimate points, but fear should never be the main the reason preventing you from learning such a beneficial skill. And it’s important to note that there are lesson types to cater for all kinds. There are intensive, semi-intensive, and automatic driving courses, and of course any concerns brought up by the pupil will be accommodated by the instructor, if possible. If you are in Newbury or Thatcham and have any concerns about beginning lessons, it would be seriously worthwhile to drop us a line so we can discuss your anxieties that surround driving.

4 thoughts on “One in Five Scared To Drive – Automatic Driving Courses Newbury

  1. Louise has been super helpful all through my driving lessons & has always been really patient as well which has really helped a lot! I passed my test first time thanks to all her help & would absolutely recommend her to any of my friends and family who want to learn to drive too. Thank you so much!

  2. I don’t have words that can describe and pay gratitude to my fantastic instructor Peter. He is absolutely professional, patient and ensures to fine-tune your areas of weaknesses. I have been lucky to have him as my instructor and thankful to him for transforming me into a confident driver on the road. A massive thank you Peter for everything.

    1. Hi Arun. Thank you for your fabulous review. I’m happy for you that you have become confident at driving and not just to pass a driving test.

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