What Exactly Tends to Make Some Motorists Great?


Learner drivers quite often ask us, whilst on driving lessons around Newbury, “What Makes Some Drivers Great?” Within this mini series we are going to go over the traits required to for being a fantastic driver and we seek to look at these in the following few blogs. There are half a dozen elements you […]

Speeding Drivers, Who Try to Dodge Points, Face Prison


Speeding Drivers, Who Try to Dodge Points, Face Prison. The police are now prosecuting more and more people who falsely take the blame for speeding tickets. These people do it as they falsely believe it to be a minor crime. However it allows dangerous drivers to avoid being banned and as such those aiding them […]

Reduce your Car Insurance with an In-Car Camera


A new camera system is available that is designed for your car. This new camera records everything that happens while driving and keeps information about any journey that a driver has taken. The system has been designed for young drivers so that they can go to any insurance company and prove that they can drive […]

Learner Drivers on Motorways


Learner drivers on motorways is something that has been debated for years. The change in the law will come into effect later on in 2012 and will help to solve the problem of recently passed pupils driving on 70mph roads without any training. Under the plans announced by the Road Safety Minister, Mike Penning, it […]

Zebra Crossing 60 Years Old


The UK’s zebra crossings are 60 years old but, just like many animals, are under severe danger of extinction. The original appeared in Slough, in the county of Berkshire, in 1951. However, well over one thousand have been taken away during the last 5yrs. Others have been substituted by more innovative solutions with flashing lights […]

Electric Driving


Mr Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, in a move towards an eco-friendly city, announced recently that he wants to have some 1,300 charge points for electric cars around London. He recently introduced bike rentals to London. Now Boris Johnson is trying to bring us around to a new way of thinking in London where […]

Refresher Driving Lessons

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On 2nd April The Telegraph published an article about driving refresher lessons. They highlighted 3 people that had taken them. The first person was a young man in his 20’s. The second was a woman in her 40’s. The third person was a one of my pupils! All of whom had lost confidence in their […]

Motorway Driving


The majority of accidents on motorways can be avoided very easily by adopting good driving practices. Congestion on the motorway suggests danger. Motorways are some of the roads in Britain. However if an accident does occur then it can be very serious due to the high speeds. All drivers on the motorway can do their […]

What’s In A Name

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A few months ago I decided to try a little experiment with the business name. I changed it from “Peter Skelton Driving School” to “Newbury Driving School”. I thought maybe that the new name would make the driving school sound Bigger!!!! I also thought that the Bigger new name would therefore attract more pupils. Then […]

Newbury Driving School

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Driving can be very difficult at times and potentially very dangerous. Below are some great tips to develop good driving habits that will help you to stay safe on the streets. 1. Car Maintenance Routine car maintenance will not only prolong the life of your car but also may save your life. It can make […]