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Peter Skelton Driving School specialise not only in nervous or anxious pupils we also pride ourselves on our intensive driving courses in Hungerford. The course can run over just 1 week or it can run over several weeks. It can also be over any number of hours depending on what we agree is needed after the “assessment lesson”.

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    • Catering to nervous and anxious pupils
    • All lessons are taken at your own pace
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“Assessment lessons” are something that companies who claim to specialise in intensive courses will never or hardly ever do. The companies offer packages based on the pupils own decision of what they “think” they may need. Without any disrespect, how can a pupil really know how much work or how many lessons are needed to get them ready for test. On the 2 hour assessment, the instructor can look at what the pupil already knows, their natural ability and how quickly they would like to learn. Only then can a decision be made as to the correct course of action for the individual pupil.

There will be some situations where an intensive course wouldn’t be the right thing for that particular pupil. Maybe they don’t have the availability to do a 1 week course. Maybe they haven’t passed their theory yet and as a result they can’t book their driving test. Some pupils unfortunately lack the natural ability to drive and as a result would struggle with trying to develop the skills needed in such a short space of time. In these cases either a semi-intensive course or 1 lesson per week may be a better option.

Hungerford is the only place in the country to celebrate “Hocktide” or “Tutti Day” which is the second Sunday after Easter. It was a celebration of the John of Gaunt the towns famous patron. The “Bellman” summons the locals to the Hocktide court held within the town hall. The festivities also include 2 “Tutti Men” who are florally decorated accompanied by 6 “Tutti Girls” who knock on the doors of every house who have commoners rights.

There are many benefits to taking an intensive driving course:
• You can gain your “independence and freedom” sooner rather than later.
• You would be far less likely to forget something that you’ve learned from one lesson to another as it would have been taught much more recently.
• You spend your time focused on the course without other distractions such as exams.
Every course is tailored to the individual pupil so it’s impossible to say how much a course would cost until the assessment is done first. Also the structure of the course varies depending on what the pupil requires, what they already know and what they need to work on. The instructor will advise you on the best way to proceed.

Typically a course taken in Hungerford will consist of 4 or 6 hours of lessons per day over maybe 5 to 10 days. Any day would be broken down to 2 hour sections. So a day consisting of 6 hours would be; a 2 hour lesson, 20 to 30 minute break, 2 hour lesson, 20 to 30 minute break, 2 hour lesson. In the break you would normally be able to stop somewhere to use facilities and also to grab a bite to eat. Alternatively, if you’re like me, you can bring something to eat with you. In the break it’s good to get out of the car, weather permitting, and stretch your legs and recharge your batteries.

The number of skills needed to drive a car safely and to pass your driving test are enormous! At Peter Skelton Driving School we will simplify those skills. As an example I spend a fair amount of time mastering junctions, turning left and right into and out of side roads. The reason for this is that once they are mastered, the exact same skills can be used for pretty much every other aspect of driving. Roundabouts are a great example of this. There really isn’t much difference between a roundabout and dealing with turning and emerging. The skills required e.g. approach speed, gear changes, observations, decision making, judging the speed of other vehicles is the same. What varies are the rules that differ between the two types of junctions.

Peter Skelton Driving School intensive driving courses can be taken over evenings and weekends. The advantage of this is that it may save you taking time of work or can be taken during term time. An “Evening and Weekend Intensive Course” involves 2 to 4 hours in the evening after school or work and 4 to 6 hours lessons taken over the weekend on Saturday and/or Sunday. A course like this will typically run over 2 to 4 weeks depending on how many hours are needed to get ready for the driving test.

Intensive courses are proving to be more popular these days as for many people the need to obtain their driving licence becomes more important. That’s either because they want the freedom to travel to and from home and the surrounding areas or it’s required for a particular job. I remember one pupil many years ago who had a test on a Friday and was due to start a driving job on the Monday. If he had failed his driving test then there would have been no job. Thankfully he passed on his first attempt. The joy he felt was clear to see. I too felt very proud and happy for him as I knew how much it meant to him.

We are more than happy to discuss with you all the options available to you regarding an intensive driving course in Hungerford. We will accommodate your needs and arrange lessons around you. We would never push you into a course that is not right for you. It is in our interest that you get the right course and for you to pass your test hopefully on your first attempt. This may sound counter intuitive but we rely mainly on recommendations. These only come from our customers being happy not only with the result of passing their driving test but also of the level of tuition they received. Please call us today for more information and discuss your needs.


“I’ve passed my exam on my first attempt thanks to Peter Skelton and especially my instructor Tomasz. I’d like to thank you for all your efforts and great lessons.”

Baris Mancar – Newbury – Automatic

“I’m so thankful for Pete (Burke) being my instructor. He’s so calm and patient and it’s thanks to him that I passed my driving test first time with 1 minor.”

Holly Gillingham – Newbury – Manual

“Peter (Skelton) was amazing, thank you so much! I passed first time and I’ve never been happier, the best!”

Brooke Harmerston-Shepherd – Newbury – Manual

“I learned to drive with Peter Skelton Driving, and Louise was my driving instructor, Louise is a lovely teacher, she was always really friendly and patient.”

Charlotte Taylor – Thatcham – Manual

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