Intensive Driving Courses for Nervous Pupils

What a great week it’s been teaching pupils to drive. In particular conducting intensive driving courses in both Basingstoke and in Newbury. We have also taught a number of very nervous pupils and helped them to overcome their nerves. Not everyone is suited or even wants an intensive course but for those who do it can provide a much quicker route to passing the practical driving test.

Many intensive driving companies simply ask the pupils to “guess” how many hours they think they will need. They then book online that number of hours which are normally in blocks of 10hrs. The driving test is booked for maybe a Friday. The pupil then meets the instructor maybe on the Monday morning for the very first time without knowing whether they will be happy working with them or not. The course then begins. The instructor may well after 15 minutes of driving be thinking “There’s no way I can get this pupil ready for test in the hours that have been allotted!!!” However it’s often too late to do anything about it. It may be too late to cancel the driving test, the instructor may not have any extra time to squeeze extra lessons in, the pupil may be unwilling to pay for extra lessons. The pupil may well then take the test unprepared.

At Peter Skelton Driving School, the course always starts with an assessment lesson which may be taken many weeks before the test. By doing this we are able to assess how good the pupil is currently. This applies to pupils who have never driven before and to those who have some driving experience. An honest opinion is then given as to how many hours are required. A plan is then made to tailor the course to the pupils requirements. You also get the chance to meet your instructor first so make sure that you are happy with how they teach and how well you get on. This is particularly important for nervous pupils.

We can also offer pupils the opportunity to take the lessons as a more “semi-intensive course” i.e. spreading the course out over a few weeks rather than a few days. The advantage of this is; it can be easier to process the learning over a longer period of time, there is the option to add more lessons if the pupil is struggling a little, we can subtract some lessons if the pupil is progressing better then expected, or even the option if the pupil decides to postpone the test.

All intensive courses that we provide are different and tailored to your needs. We also offer the option of weekend and evening intensive courses so that pupils don’t miss time off school, college or work.

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2 thoughts on “Intensive Driving Courses for Nervous Pupils

  1. I had Peter as my instructor and I’ve just passed first time. Peter is so supportive and patient and I would definitely recommend him, I’m actually going to miss having driving lessons!

    1. Hi Meg.
      Thank you very much for your review. It was enjoyable teaching you. I do hope your first trip was to McDonald’s 🙂 Peter

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