Intensive Driving Courses Basingstoke – MP’s Want Diesel Ban to be Brought Forward

MPs want a ban on diesel cars much sooner and say it should be brought forward to 2032. The current Government plans want a ban in 2040 however the terms of the plan are very vague.

A report criticised a cut in subsidies and a lack of suitable charge points. However the government have expressed that they want the UK to be the best place in the world to own an electric vehicle.

Rachel Reeves MP said that the plans give little incentive to both companies and individuals to buy an EV. Parliament wants almost every vehicle to be electric by 2050. However the committee want all new car sales to totally green by 2032. There is concern over whether that includes hybrids too. The ban by 2040 was unclear on the government’s strategy on hybrids.

The county has around 14,500 public charge points and the UK was in the top 10 for EV sales. EV’s make up 0.6% of all cars sold in the UK and hybrids make up 1.6%. These figures represent only a small fraction of the total number of cars on the UK roads which is around 31.5 million.

One concern regarding the growth in electric car sales is whether the infrastructure is there to build the batteries needed to power the vehicles. That alone makes for a challenging target.

The charging point infrastructure is still currently inadequate and gives way to “range anxiety” were customers are worried that they have enough charge left in the vehicle to reach the next charge point.

Currently there is a subsidy on electric vehicles paid for by the tax payer of £4,500 however this is soon to be reduce by £1,000 to £3,500. The cost of pure electric vehicles remains high compared to combustion engines and consumers therefore need an incentive to make the switch.

A spokesperson for the Department of Transport said “We would like new sales in EVs to be 50% to 70% by 2030 with complete zero emissions on new sales by 2040. Our outline for what we are looking to achieve is very comprehensive.”

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  1. From my first lesson with Pete I am extremely impressed with the quality of the lesson provided and am looking forward to excelling further in driving in future lessons. The lesson itself was delivered in such a way that learning the basics was provided based on the individuals personal way of most efficient learning. This meant that from explanations, demonstrations and practice I feel as though compact, time efficient leaning will progress me as quickly as possible to a high level of driving ability.

    1. Hi Alex, thank you very much for your great review. We know Pete works to a high standard and we are glad you felt like you can progress quickly as well as safely. We hope you enjoy the rest of your lessons! 🙂

  2. Peter was a very good instructor and helped me pass my test with 2 minor marks, I recommend him a lot.

  3. Tomasz is a great instructor! He is not only teaching you how to drive well but also helping to be a responsible and careful driver. He has great patience and explaining every detail so you can understand the logic behind the rules and why you need to obey them. Thank you again, Tomasz and Peter Skelton Driving School for helping me pass the exam and learn how to drive safe!

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