How to Stop Glasses Steaming Up on a Driving Test

Since lockdown has been lifted, driving tests are now starting to become available. Some of my pupils have already been able to secure a test date. One thing that has been raising concerns with some pupils is the fact that their glasses steam up when they wear a mask!

Unfortunately glasses steaming up is not a valid excuse not to wear a mask. There are some ways that can help your glasses not to steam up.

The first is to make sure that the mask is tucked underneath the glasses. That way the hot and moist air doesn’t mist up the glasses. The second way is to stick a rolled up tissue to the top of the mask to catch the moist air. The third method is to wash your glasses in soap and water. This leaves a thin, anti-mist layer on the lenses.

In fact there’s no reason why you can’t use all 3 methods together to give you a greater chance of your glasses not steaming up.

2 thoughts on “How to Stop Glasses Steaming Up on a Driving Test

  1. I’ve tried all the tips out and have finally managed to stop my glasses steaming up! Tucking the mask under my glasses and taping on some tissue with strong tape works, and I’ve also twisted the straps of the mask round once to keep the mask flatter against my face. Washing my glasses with soap didn’t help much but I think rubbing a dry bar of soap onto the lenses and then wiping with a glasses cloth helped a little. Thanks for sharing the tips Peter!

    1. Hi Anna.
      Great to see that you’ve tried the tips and that you had some success with some of them but not all. I agree twisting the straps can certainly help 🙂

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