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The theory test may be changing again to match modern day situations. Vape clouds coming from car windows, pot holes and even drones may well be included in a revamped test according to reports.

Over 50% of drivers feel that the current theory test is outdated and doesn’t truly reflect modern day driving. The current test shows cyclists and horse riders but doesn’t show people reading the mobile phones while crossing the road or with headphones on listening to their favourite music. Some of the most common real world hazards are children playing near roads and children on scooters.
Over half of new drivers said that the current test didn’t prepare them for the real world and 57% believed that other new drivers were also not ready to face the dangers on the road.

The hazard perception was introduced in 2002 and has not been updated in the past 16 years. LV General Insurance have commissioned the report and are now asking the government to update the test. One driver who recently passed felt it was much more like an exercise you just had to pass rather then something that would help you while driving a car in the real world.

Something else that has changed in the past 16 years is the number of people using mobile phones while they drive. Here in Newbury I must see at least 20 people per day doing it. Illegal mobile phone use is now the biggest cause of accidents on Britain’s roads.
One instructor said that “There should be double the number of video clips rather than the current 14, with much more variety. There should be clips that reflect modern life.” They went on to say “Most people see it as a game rather then something to be taken seriously.” Another instructor went on to say “The biggest hazard is simply people doing stupid things”.

All new drivers should drive for the first time feeling prepared for the road and not left feeling inadequately prepared rather than feeling at the mercy to other drivers and hazards.

A representative of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, RoSPA, said that more insurance claims were due to an increase in the number of potholes and backs the insurance companies campaign to change the current hazard perception test.

So stay safe while driving around Newbury and expect the unexpected. Also don’t assume that every other driver on the road is experienced. Many of them may have only passed their driving test yesterday.

4 thoughts on “Hazard Perception – Driving School Newbury

  1. A couple of months overdue but here it goes, I passed my practical on the 2nd August and I could not have done it without Peter’s guidance. He holds you to a very high standard but believe me it pays off!! Another big thank you to Peter and the driving school, I would highly recommend him for anyone looking to pass their test on the first attempt.

    1. Hi Tim.
      Thank you for your kind words and thank you even more for the bottle of wine you dropped around the other day !!!

  2. I would recommend this driving school for anyone looking to pass their test soon. I passed last week with 0 minors. Pete Burke was a great instructor, professional and due to his high standards the test was a breeze. All the best.


    1. Hi Ollie.
      Thank you very much for your kind words.
      Passing with “zero” marks is something that doesn’t happen too often so quite an achievement for both you and your instructor Pete Burke.

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