Great Week For Our Driving Instructors in Thatcham

Peter Skelton Driving School have a had a successful week with 2 pupils from Thatcham passing their driving tests. One driving test was a manual test who passed on their second attempt and the other was automatic test who passed on their first attempt.

Automatic driving lessons are certainly becoming more popular than they used to be. When I first became an instructor 17 years ago I never had to ask people when they enquired what type of lessons they were looking for as it was nearly all manual. Nowadays it’s around 50:50.

The reasons for the change are many. However the main reasons are:
• Automatic cars are so much better than they used to be and hence make for a much better drive
• There are more and more hybrid and electric cars being produced which are all automatics.
• Traditional petrol and diesel cars are on the way out with a the last cars being produced in 2030.

There is definitely a shift in driving schools, like ourselves, who offer both lesson types. That shift will continue until only automatic lessons will exist.

Even though the ban on new petrol and diesel cars comes into effect in 2030, there will still be tradition “internal combustion engine” (ICE) cars being sold in the second hand market and people will still want to take lessons in manuals as they may want to drive an older or even a classic car.

So it will be a while yet before we see only auto cars in and around Newbury and Thatcham. However the shift is coming. Hopefully making the air we breathe fresher.

8 thoughts on “Great Week For Our Driving Instructors in Thatcham

  1. Passed first time all due to Peter. Always felt safe in the car and he helped to increase my confidence on the roads!!

    1. Hi Jemima. Thank you for your review. So glad we could help and I hope you enjoy your new found freedom.

  2. Passed my driving test thanks to Louise the other day, she was an amazing calm and understanding teacher.

    1. Thank you Kieran for your kind words about your driving lessons and your experience with Louise. Well done on a great result 🙂

  3. Passed first time with only 4 minors thanks to Pete Burke, he’s an amazing teacher and made sure I was test ready and that I was confident.

    1. Hi Holly.
      Thank you so much for your testimonial and well done on a great result and hope you enjoy driving 🙂

  4. Thank you very much Peter Skelton , you’re the best driving instructor who I met , I passed my first time driving exam , I never forget shoulder to shoulder. You’re the best one . ?

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