Driving School Newbury – The driving experience

When learning to drive most pupils will want to pass as soon as possible. This is one of our main aims after ensuring the pupil is safe and ready for test. Many factors can contribute to how quickly a pupil passes their driving test, some which are not in anyone’s control. For example, booking the practical driving test can be held back by not having the theory test passed. No one can guarantee the test dates that will be available and having to wait until you have passed your theory to book can be frustrating when you feel that you are ready to go to test. To help prevent disappointment in this area, we encourage pupils to get their theory test booked and passed as soon as possible. We provide free theory training to all of our pupils to further assist them. We will also discuss with pupils when we think they will be ready for test and suggest they book their test in advance to avoid having to wait to book as if it is left too late, the dates they had in mind may not be available. Having a test booked and a date to work towards can provide motivation to a pupil when they need it.

The period of time in which a pupil passes can also be affected by pupil’s ability and willingness to learn. Some pupils may be naturally better at some areas of driving meaning they may generally just take things in quicker. A lot of pupils will be eager to get in a few lessons a week in order to pass quicker. However a pupil wants to do their lessons, we will give our best advice to them on what we think is best too. The same standard of driving and safety still has to be met. Our school has largely only provided 2 hour lessons as we feel these are of a bigger benefit to all pupils and their driving journey. We believe the pupils individual driving course is essentially halved by taking one 2 hour lesson a week rather than 1 hour a week.

We are always open and honest with pupils and will not string out their lessons in any way. We always act in their best interest and always take into account what they want. We try to develop a good relationship with each pupil so that they always feel comfortable and never deflated about their driving journey. A good relationship will hopefully keep them positive throughout learning and ensure their driving journey is as enjoyable as possible.

6 thoughts on “Driving School Newbury – The driving experience

  1. Was an amazing experience! Im so greateful that from all the driving schools i chose, you where the first to pick up. You’re indeed a teacher, Peter, so patient, easy going, putting up with my bad english and my goldfish attention span. All in all , a PROFESSIONAL! Passed on my first and that was all your hard work, honestly. Thank you, thank you, thank you !

    1. Hi Diana. So to say teaching you was an experience is an understatement. Your English is better than my Romanian. I also happen to like goldfish !!!! Best of luck. Peter

  2. 1st Lesson – I am feeling much more confident and comfortable after my first lesson with Peter. I can’t wait to learn more!

  3. I cannot recommend Peter Skelton Driving School highly enough! Peter is an excellent instructor whose friendly and constructive teaching style makes lessons enjoyable and effective. He is incredibly professional yet easy going and importantly tailors the lesson to your individual learning style, making learning to drive much easier. Thank you Peter for helping me to pass my test!

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