Driving School Newbury – Motorway driving

Motorway driving can be seen as much easier than normal driving. The roads are straight, everyone is travelling at a similar speed, in the same direction and there are no right turns or roundabouts. However everything is happening at a much higher speed so you need to be concentrating at all times on everything around you. Stopping distance is affected and you need to be aware of people over taking. On the motorway each lane has an electronic signal system. You must be familiar with these signs so you can be aware of what may be coming up ahead.
We know it is very important for a pupil to feel confident on the roads after their test or they just wouldn’t feel safe. We believe that we achieve this confidence and safety in the pupil whilst teaching but motorways can still be daunting to someone who has just passed. Joining the motorway must be done with confidence and attention as you need to gain speed very quickly and match the speed of others already travelling. Travelling at a much higher speed requires you to think faster as everything happens and develops much faster. You must be aware of others joining the motorway. When you are joining the motorway, other cars may adjust their speed to allow you to join. Being aware of others joining and leaving room for them or changing lanes briefly will allow them to join safely.
We offer pass plus lessons or just motorway lessons so that the pupil can cover all areas of driving with someone guiding them. Helping to build their overall confidence and more importantly making sure they feel safe enough to drive on motorways on their own. Knowing the rules of the motorway and becoming familiar with how stopping distances, weather and hazards can all affect how you must drive on the motorway is very important so that you are not a danger to yourself or others once you have passed and decide to drive on the motorway.

6 thoughts on “Driving School Newbury – Motorway driving

  1. Thank you to Peter for teaching me to drive, I don’t think I would have learned to drive or passed so soon with another instructor. I would definitely recommend to anyone learning to drive, great instructor and thorough teaching, thank you so much!

    1. Hi Izzy. Thank you for those kind words. So you and your sister have now passed, just your youngest sister to go now.

  2. Really good, patient and understanding, he got me passed with only 2 minors. Try beat only 2

  3. After passing my driving test with Peter in August 2015, and recently completing my pass plus – saving me money on my insurance. I would like to thank Peter, for his patience and thorough teaching style. I really recommend his wonderful service!!

    1. Hi Jodie. I enjoyed every minute of teaching you. Stay safe and see you soon driving around sunny Newbury.

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