Driving Lessons Newbury – Scarlett Langley – First Lesson

Well done Scarlett Langley on a good first lesson. I understand you were very nervous, however you coped very well. Thanks too for your feedback.

“The tuition I received was good and I really enjoyed learning. The instructor was calm and patient which was also very good to help keep me calm and focused as I was quite nervous, He also explained things well and in a easy way to understand as some of the stuff he was teaching me was very complex. I also felt that a 2 hour lesson was very helpful as we were able to cover quite a lot, I am also a little bit more confident than I was at the start. On my 1st lesson I learnt the basics of the clutch and also how to change gears. we also worked on turnings at junctions, and different kind of starts such as the uphill and down hill start. I also managed to get round a small roundabout which I was a bit uneasy with but I managed it. I’ve booked more lessons and will definitely be planning to book more. I would definitely recommend the Peter Skelton Driving school to friends and & family”