Driving Lessons Newbury

Peter Skelton Driving School is based in Newbury and Thatcham, covering these and the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to helping our pupils pass quickly and first time without compromising on safety, providing quality tuition throughout and remaining cost-effective. We understand that it is very important that our pupils feel 100% safe and comfortable with their instructor so that they can learn to drive with confidence. Our fully qualified driving instructors provide a friendly and calm approach to teaching to help our pupils achieve their driving potential at a pace that suits them. By providing friendly tuition we hope that our pupils will progress quickly and to the best of their ability.

We aim to coach pupils to suit their individual learning style. So whether they like to learn by their own mistakes, talk through things first, be shown diagrams or a combination of all three, we do our best to adapt to their needs. By teaching the individual in the way most suitable for them, we hope that this will help them learn with ease and progress more. We want to provide high quality lessons and for the pupil to feel like they have progressed after each driving lesson. We welcome partners and parents to sit in on any lessons so they can see the progress of the pupil for themselves. This can also act as a refresher for them if they are providing private practice for the pupil.

We provide our pupils with the benefit of full access to free online theory training after their first lesson to encourage them to pass their theory and then be fully focused on learning for their practical test.

We are committed to coaching and teaching our pupils so well that they feel ready and confident to go to test and safe when they have passed and start driving independently.