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Driving can be very difficult at times and potentially very dangerous. Below are some great tips to develop good driving habits that will help you to stay safe on the streets.

1. Car Maintenance
Routine car maintenance will not only prolong the life of your car but also may save your life. It can make your vehicle safer by routinely checking tyre pressures and tread depths etc. You may get your car serviced every 6 months or so. However you should still make time for some routine checks. Apart from tyre pressures you should also test the brakes at least once a week.

2. Bad Weather
It’s a shame that when the weather is at its worse driving tests do not take place. It’s also the time when some pupils and even driving schools avoid driving lessons. At times admittedly weather conditions can be too dangerous even for the most experienced driver. But don’t be afraid to take a lesson or 2 with an experienced driving instructor in adverse conditions. Those skills may save your life one day.

3. Defensive Driving
Accidents can be down to a number of things. However aggressive driving does play it’s role. Aggressive driving isn’t just the sort of things we see on “Road Wars” it can also include speeding, disregard for the highway code, safe separation distance, and of course road rage. Defensive driving isn’t there to try to make you look boring in front of your mates. It could one day save your life. Don’t speed, keep a good safe distance from cars around you, and avoid any form of conflict with the other road users. Defensive driving can cut the number of accidents on the roads.

4. Please Belt Up
Putting a seat belt on is something that thankfully we do almost instinctively. We’re told from a young age to “belt up” However, it’s also easy to be last with this one. Especially a short journey like popping down to the shops. Wearing a seatbelt won’t necessarily stop you from getting in an accident. However it can help prevent serious injury. It’s easy for a group of young lads in a car to try to look cool in front of their mates by not wearing a seat belt. There’s nothing cool about killing yourself or seeing one of your mates killed in an accident.

5. Concentrate
Concentrate!!! Often a pupil on a driving lesson can drift on the road resulting in me grabbing the steering wheel. When I ask them they sometimes say “Oh I was watching that bloke walking his dog”!!! It only takes potentially less than 1 seconds lapse in concentration for something to go wrong. Therefore don’t let other things distract you from your driving. Don’t talk or text on the phone. Even your fellow passengers could distract you. You need to be big enough to say to them to quieten down if you feel your concentration slipping.

13 thoughts on “Newbury Driving School

  1. I have to admit I never thought learning to drive would have been as fun, or as enjoyable, until I met Peter. His fun nature and natural charisma, makes you feel like you’re driving with a friend. He is very supportive and gives all of his pupils handouts that are easy to understand and gives you something to read over when you have doubt in your mind. I’m extremely dyslexic and I found the theory to be very difficult, but with Peter’s supports and understanding he helped me through it. Learning to drive is very stressful and when people fail it can be very upsetting. With Peter he will not push you into a test but will tell you when he thinks your ready. This helped me because I found that I wasn’t confident until he said I should book my test. He then runs you through some intensive lessons and makes sure you’re completely ready. I feel with Peter I have made a great friend who I see around town in his little car and I remember the great times we had just learning how to drive. He puts all his effort into helping the pupil. He is very professional with a great fun side. This is hard to find. So I for one would recommend him to any learner looking for a fun way to learn how to drive.

  2. A very entertaining 4 months. Peter managed to find the perfect balance between teaching and being a human that you could actually talk to. Being ‘locked’ in a car with someone, it is important that you get on well with them and Peter finds the balance of being easy to get along well with and teaching you how to drive. I like to think that I gained a license and gained a friend at the same time. I recommend Peter as an incredibly patient, practical and honest driving instructor as well as being a great laugh at the same time. 🙂

  3. What can i say Peter is a brilliant teacher not only can he teach you how to drive confindently and safely , he also is able to have a good laugh with and a good chat. i managed to pass first time round with 1 minor this alone shows you he is brilliant and a committed driving instructor you will learn from the best. Peter is easy to get along with and he’ll be very patient and he’ll teach you how to drive in the most simplest way and ways to do manoeuvres correctly.
    i would highly recommend him to you.

  4. Peter is a fantastic driving instructor. He’s relaxed, patient and easy to get on with. His cheerful, jokey, personality makes learning to drive a fun experience and makes you feel like you’re driving with a friend. I would recommend Peter to anyone wishing to learn to drive and particularly to those who are a little apprehensive about driving, as Peter makes you feel calm and relaxed and takes it at your own pace.

  5. Before I started learning to drive I thought it imperative to find the best instructor in the area, I was recommended to Peter and I’m pleased to say I found exactly that! Peters combination of expert techniques, teaching, advice and fun presence made the 4 months I was with him an absolute pleasure. He has been very supportive throughout and has been more then happy to help with any problem that occurred, including giving handouts to study on which I thought a brilliant way to study and improve. I work as a Chef and have a busy working lifestyle and Peter arranged that into his schedule so I never missed a lesson. There was never a dull moment whilst learning, and when he wasn’t teaching me how to not only drive, but drive safely, we would chat about the latest football news and gossip. With his help I passed First time and know I can go out with confidence knowing I’ve been taught to the highest and safest level. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone looking for a friendly and to be honest, all round fantastic driving instructor.

  6. When I first started to learn to drive it wasn’t with Peter. My first driving instructor was a trainee. I managed to get into a lot of bad habits, and I was finding it very difficult. I then found Peter who is very understanding in a lot of ways, and helped me get out of those habits. Peter has helped me become a very confident driver.

  7. Although I found driving to be difficult and a bit scary at first, Peter really helped to build up my confidence and made everything easy to understand. His learning materials were also really helpful and he was very flexible with lesson times. Thanks to his unending patience and all the support, I have now passed first time and would highly recommend him.

  8. I started driving with a different instructor to Peter who often failed to turn up. I later picked it up again with Peter and i could immediately see the difference. He’s very organised and the materials he gives you are very useful to read up on in your spare time. I fully recommend Peter to any new learners who want to pass first time!

  9. I don’t know what you are waiting for! Pick up the phone, call peter and run for your driving lessons. Iam absolutely delighted to have passed my manual driving test with Peter. I call it Manual because after several attempts of passing the manual practical test, several here means 7 times- I gave up and booked an automatic driving test. After just months of driving automatic car, I met Peter who has been so professional, patient and friendly in his approach to teaching the lessons that I can say now that all that I needed was to meet him at the right time. All in all, I have done the test for the 9th time ( and just one time with Peter) and can now confidently drive manual car which was only a dream.

    Thank you very much Peter, I will forever remember you- your flexibility with my busy schedules made it possible. You were brilliant!!

  10. Pete is the best driving instructor around Newbury. Even after ruining his 100% first time pass record for Park House students he still had patience and finally after passing second time I would happily recommend him to everybody.

  11. Peter is a wonderful driving instructor. When I first started driving, I didn’t think I would be able to pass as quickly as I did. The amount of patience that he has is unbelievable, even when you would think that anyone else would have started shouting at you! I looked forward to Peter’s lessons as we always had a laugh and came away feeling like I had improved after each one. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone. Thank you very much Peter for your patience and time.

  12. First may I say thank you for your time and patience. Just before I started my first lesson I was worried about driving but after meeting Peter and had my first lesson I felt so relaxed. He makes everything so clear and easy to understand. Peter’s down to earth easy to get along with you always have a laugh and come away knowing you’ve learnt and improved. I would and will always recommend him to anyone.

  13. Peter is a very patient and well mannered teacher. He is by far one of the best teachers I have ever had, making the lessons interesting and fun at the same time as being safe. I learnt a lot from having Peter as my instructor and intend on carrying on with him for pass plus. Thanks very much Peter for making sure I passed first time 🙂 I would recommend him to anyone, he is the best there is.

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