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Everyone will have things they are nervous about when it comes to driving no matter how experienced they are. Motorways, heavy traffic, night driving or country road driving can all cause a driver to feel out of their comfort zone. For new drivers even just being on the road with other cars can be nerve-wracking. It is a completely new experience and there is a lot to think about. We believe that nerves can be overcome with the right tuition. We will ease a pupil into driving and will not force them to do anything they are not comfortable doing. Doing so could only make the nerves worse and put someone off of driving altogether. We think that by remaining calm and being very friendly we can help the pupil to relax and become more comfortable being in the car.

Experienced drivers may have avoided certain routes or driving in the dark throughout their lives. Having refresher lessons can help them to gain confidence with the help of an instructor so that they can then go on to feel comfortable driving on their own. Generally, the more a driver experiences certain situations, the easier it is for them to tackle in the future.

Being nervous when driving can cause hesitation which can then become dangerous. For example, if a driver is pulling out on a roundabout and then panics because they think they shouldn’t have, this may cause them to stall or come to a stop in the middle of the roundabout which any drivers coming from the right may not be prepared for. It is important that the pupil feels confident and ready to start roundabouts and can judge gaps correctly. This will ensure they can pull out at the right time and follow through when they do and get around the roundabout safely. Being nervous can cause a pupils mind to go blank, so it is vital that they are not put in situations they cannot yet handle as this can cause accidents.

Everyone is different in each situation. Each pupil may feel nervous about different things so we aim to work hard with the pupil to get through the nerves. Building up a pupil’s confidence in other areas may mean they feel more comfortable trying the things they are more nervous about and this is what we aim for.

4 thoughts on “Driving Instructor Newbury – Nervous drivers

  1. I highly recommend it. They are experienced, committed and professional. My instructor, Frances, was truly amazing! I wouldn’t have made it without her especially on test day. I was so nervous that my legs were literally shaking but she managed to reassure me and give me the confidence I needed that day. She is not only professional and excellent at what she does but most of all she has your best interest at heart and I could see that she truly cares.

    1. Hi Lilia, well done on passing your driving test and thank you for your kind words. I am glad you enjoyed your lessons with Frances. Thank you for choosing our driving school and good luck in the future 🙂

  2. I had a Great first lesson with Peter Skelton …I have Learned a lot already just in one lesson….
    I didn’t have much confidence in myself but afterwards I felt more confident in my ability and can’t wait to drive again.

    1. Well done Jack on a really good first lesson and some good driving on your second lesson where we did some country roads. We just need to improve your mirrors.

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