Driving Instructor Newbury- Driving after an accident

Having a car accident can be very frightening especially if you are a new driver. We aim to teach to the safest standard possible however, there may be external factors that we can’t control that may cause an accident. Someone else’s bad judgement and driving on the road or bad weather conditions can cause accidents that just can’t be prevented. Although we teach emergency stops and educate on safety as much as we can, every situation is different and we cannot create these real-life situations whilst learning. Always being cautious and very aware on the road will hopefully prevent most accidents, even if someone else is in the wrong. If you react quick enough to any dangers, you are probably less likely to be involved in an accident.

Accidents can be traumatising so getting back in a car afterwards can be very difficult. If you were a passenger during an accident, then being behind the wheel yourself may give you the feeling of having more control. So while you are still nervous about anything happening again, you are the one controlling the car, therefore making you feel safer. If you were behind the wheel when the accident happened, you may have feelings of guilt and of course a big worry that it may happen again. It may be hard to regain confidence and feel safe driving in the future. Although maybe not the best experience to go through, a previous accident may make you better at preventing similar situations in the future. You will be able to think about how you could have reacted differently, or if there was anything you could have done to stop it from happening in the first place.

If you have had an accident and then take a break from driving, you may just build up more and more nerves about getting back in the car, and be put off ever driving again. If you need to drive and enjoyed it before, it is important to not let a bad experience ruin your independence. Refresher lessons might be helpful to help you regain confidence slowly and eventually feel comfortable again being out on your own.

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