Driving Instructor Franchise

Franchise fee is “ZERO” !!!

  • Train with one of the UK’s top trainers
  • CPD to keep up with new standards
  • Help and support provided
  • Regular meetings
  • Flexible hours to suit
  • Full time or part time
  • Constantly improving and changing company
  • Call 07500 700317

Instead of charging a franchise fee, we charge a “finders fee” * How that works is; the first 2 hour payment, of any pupil we give you, is paid to us. Therefore as time goes on and you get more pupils coming to you directly, the less pupils you will need from us, so the less you pay us.

Running our driving school this way allows us to attract and keep the “best” instructors. In many driving schools when instructors find that they don’t need pupils from their franchisor anymore they then question why they are paying a franchise fee and therefore decide to leave and go independent.

At Peter Skelton Driving School we want only the best instructors and therefore we want them to stay. A “Zero” franchise is the perfect way to do this. It gives the good instructors a “comfort blanket” to fall back on when and if they do need a new pupil.

The finders fees are also capped at £4,000 for the year which equates to £77/week. That way new instructors won’t find that at the end of the year that they have overpaid for pupils compared to other franchised opportunities.

There is more too! If any instructor introduces another instructor or potential instructor to the driving school, they will receive £5 of any finders fee that we receive for passing on a new pupil to that instructor.

Peter Skelton Driving School is currently looking for new instructors to fill the large number of enquiries that we get each week. We are looking to offer instructors a chance to join a local driving school that has built up a good reputation for being; honest, reliable and committed to high standards over the past 17 years.

If you are looking for a new challenge or a change of career path then please feel free to call us about a great opportunity to take up a franchise with Peter Skelton Driving School.

What we don’t do is to supply you with a car and the reason for this is simple. We don’t feel the need to be making money from you for car hire when you can simply rent your own which including insurance will cost approximately £100 per week or less (including insurance). Another option would be to buy your own car which could possibly cost less per week.

Now compare this to other franchise opportunities. You will see for yourself what a great deal this is. Please feel free to call us at anytime for more information.

*  – The finder fee doesn’t apply if a pupil only requires a few lessons such as refresher lessons. In those cases we charge the instructor £5 per hour. So if a pupil books a 2 hours refresher lesson, the instructor takes the full payment minus 2 x £5.