Driving in Newbury After Passing Your Driving Test

So the big days comes. You prepare to take your driving test in Newbury. You feel really nervous. It’s probably one of the most nerve racking days you can face. You get to the test centre early. A few last minute words of advice from your instructor. You then set of for a 30 to 40 minute drive. All those hours over the last few months being put to the test by the scary looking examiner. You finally end up back at the driving test centre and you finally hear those words “I’m pleased to tell you, you’ve passed!”. The joy you feel is incredible. All that hard work finally comes to an end with a test pass.

So now what happens? Is that the end of your learning? Well at this stage you’ve only just reached the minimum standard to, as some examiners might say “continue learning by yourself”. It may take you many years to say you are a competent driver and even then you will not be the finished article. There are things now that I see when I’m driving after 35 years of driving that I may not encountered before. All the things that I see leave a little mark in my mind and make me continually more aware when I drive.

So where’s the first place you want to go after you pass your driving test? Well the first place nearly everyone wants to go is “McDonalds” !!! In fact the picture above shows two of my pupils who both recently passed with another friend on their first McDonalds trip. You may wonder how tricky it may be to go through a McDonalds drive through? Well it can be actually harder than you think. The lane through the drive through is usually very narrow, as the one in Newbury is. There are kerbs either side which can easily scrape your wheels. So why not practice doing this on a driving lesson. I regularly get pupils ask if they can practice a McDonalds drive through. I more than happy to oblige as it’s a great excuse to get a “Cheeky Cappu” J


  1. Peter has been an excellent teacher – he is really motivational, and has improved my confidence as a young driver new to the roads. His lessons are coherent, and I always come away feeling like I have learnt something new – even if I think I know everything about something! Would 100% recommend as an instructor – such a genuine and warm character.

    • Hi Amber. Thank you for your review. You certainly made good and steady progress throughout your learning. Stay safe and I hope you enjoy your freedom!