Diesel MOT Fails – Driving Lessons Basingstoke

Have you recently failed an MOT? Last year, around the UK including Basingstoke, MOT failures had risen by more than 70% compared to 2017 and 2018, with almost 1.3 million cars failing due to faults regarding to their exhaust emissions. This is following the more rigorous MOT regulations installed by the government in 2018 in order to curb the production of excess emissions to improve our nation’s carbon footprint. According to BookMyGarage.com, it was diesel cars in particular that held the greatest yield of failures, with in a increase of 240%, which completely eclipsed petrol vehicle failures of only a 37% increase. This staggering rise of diesel failures is due to the newly instated rules surrounding the diesel particulate filter (DPF). The DPF itself is intended to act as a filter for soot particles so that not so many of these toxic, carcinogenic emissions are spread into the air. Since 2009 all diesel vehicles are meant to be fitted with a DPF to comply with the Euro 5 emissions standard. Vehicles automatically fail their MOTs if there is sufficient evidence to suggest that the filter has been tampered with, or if smoke can visibly be seen emitted from the vehicle’s exhaust. But as electric vehicles begin to take centre stage on UK roads, it is likely that we will eventually see a decrease in diesel failures, and diesel vehicles, altogether. It is also likely that we’ll see an uptake in automatic lessons due to all electric vehicles having an automatic transmission.

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  1. Passed my driving test on the first attempt with just two minor marks.
    Overall experience with Peter was fantastic. He provided all the practical tips not just for passing the test but for driving in general.

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