Blind Spots – Driving Instructors Thatcham

Driving Instructors Thatcham

You probably already know that most cars have two primary blind spots, located on the rear left and the right side, but a cars design can cause many more than just the previously mentioned two, such as the pillars surrounding the windscreen which can become obstructive to vision at junction, etc. If not checked properly blind spots can obscure other road users and pedestrians, which can of course lead to collisions and even fatalities.

According to the AA, in 2016 blind spots were the predominant factor in more than 1250 accidents. A poll conducted by the AA illustrated that nine out of ten drivers found it hard to see cyclists, with 55% of drivers being often alarmed by cyclists emerging from their blind-spots. When teaching in areas with a lot of cyclists, such as Thatcham, it is imperative that driving instructors inform their pupils on the importance of frequently checking their blind spots. From a purely pragmatic standpoint, if you don’t make it plainly obvious to the examiner in your driving test that you are checking the vehicles blind spots you can rack up serious marks. Failure to check the nearside and offside blind spot during an emergency check could be marked as potentially dangerous fault.

Note that, for added safety and peace of mind, you can buy curved mirrors that can attach to your wing-mirrors which provide a wider field of vision. When positioned properly, this could seriously reduce the risk of a vehicle or person disappearing into your blind spots.

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