Basingstoke Driving Lessons

So the end of another year and another decade. We decided to run a little Christmas Jumper day and for those who either did or didn’t have a Christmas Jumper we added a Santa hat too.

“So not much to do with driving” you may say. That’s very true. However we took a few minutes at the end of a lesson so as not to eat into the pupils time to don our hats and have a little fun. This may not be driver related however one thing that is teaching related is building a good “rapport”, i.e. building good relationships with our clients. This can be done in a number of ways:

  • being friendly
  • being courteous
  • taking an interest in the client
  • matching the teaching to the clients preferred learning style
  • body language
  • smiling 🙂

There are many other ways to build rapport, but these are just a few. Not only that, the above list has to be genuine, you can’t fake rapport. It’s a big part of the learning process for a number of reasons:

  • the client feels more relaxed on lessons
  • they are able to attempt something without the feeling of a lecture if they get it wrong
  • the client feels free to ask any question without feeling judged or nervous to ask in case they are ridiculed
  • it can open up questions that the pupil can engage in to help them deal with real life situations e.g. “how would you feel if you were a passenger in a friends car and they picked up their phone and started texting?”

One pupil recently came to our driving school had 4 years of lessons with another school. Her driving was fairly good to be honest however what she lacked was confidence. It was the rapport that we built very quickly that allowed her to overcome her fears and pass her test first time within 1 month of lessons with us. In her own words “I have learned more in the last month than I did in the last 4 years”


  1. Thank you, Tomasz for helping me to learn driving. I couldn’t thank him enough. Tomasz is the most supportive and amazing instructor who helped me when I struggled at times and gave me the best training and advice, he worked really hard with me, to teach me every little thing, he gave me many good instructions and techniques to help me drive safely and not just to pass. Tomasz made a nervous person, a confident driver now by his encouragement. I never thought I’d see the day I’d pass but with Tomasz’s help here I’m all passed. Thank you! I would recommend Tomasz and Peter Skelton Driving School.

    • Hi Divya. Thank you for your review and especially for your kind words about your driving instructor Tomasz. Best of luck in the future. Peter Skelton 🙂