Automatic or Manual Car?

Should you look to take lessons in an automatic or a manual car? There are pros and cons for each. The benefits of driving an automatic are that they are much easier to drive. You only have to worry about two pedals instead of three. What’s more the pedal that’s missing is the most tricky one to master and that’s the clutch. As a result of being easier to drive you will probably take less lessons as a result. However if you pass your test in an automatic then you can only drive automatics after that. If you wish to drive a manual then you need to take a manual test. Some people really struggle to drive a manual and as a result decide to switch to an automatic car. Once they pass their test and gain some valuable experience on the road then some people decide to go back to a manual some years later to take their manual test. I normally find that when pupils do they are pretty good. They have gained all the skills they need like judging gaps and assessing dangers. As a result when they return to a manual they have less to think about than when they first started driving and as a result find the whole process of using the clutch and changing gears much easier.