The Newest Driving Test Manoeuvre – Newbury and Basingstoke

The DVSA refuse to accept that the driving test pass rate is a 10 year low due to the introduction of the “Pull up on the right” manoeuvre. Currently the pass rate stands at 45% with many believing that the new manoeuvre is dangerous. However statistics suggest that candidates make less serious or dangerous faults while carrying out this manoeuvre compared to others.

In July of 2019 the DVSA revealed the top 10 reasons people fail the UK driving test and the main reasons are ineffective observations at junctions and bad mirror use when changing direction.

A spokes person for the DVSA said “Candidates should only attempt their driving test once the have reached the desired level of competence and covered a broad range of skills and can drive safely and independently. Anyone who fails a driving test has to leave 10 working days before they are allowed to attempt another test, this allows time for additional training.”

The new manoeuvre was introduced on 4th December 2017 along with front bay parking in an attempt to reflect more real life driving. Pulling up on the right hand side, the pupil then has to reverse about 2 car lengths before moving of safely.

The DVSA admit that the manoeuvre isn’t the best practice. They still expect candidates to know how to park on the left hand side which is much safer for both the test and the real world. The DVSA are aware that in the real world parking on the left isn’t always an option and hence have realised that parking on the right is something that candidates may have to do after they pass their practical driving test. It is far better that pupils are taught the manoeuvre before they take their driving test by a qualified instructor rather than relying to luck after they pass.

Before the manoeuvre was introduced it was trialled and a risk assessment was carried out by the DVSA and RoSPA and was deemed to be low risk.

Here in Newbury I have never seen a candidate struggle with the manoeuvre and never had a pupil fail their driving test as a result.

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