Newbury Driving Test after Lockdown

The start of a new era of driving tests in Newbury and the rest of the country too. Today, I took my first pupil to test after lockdown. Anna Van der Zwaluw passed her test on her first attempt in Newbury with only 1 minor mark.

There were some changes to the driving test due to Coronavirus. The test times are now different due to the fact that the examiners need extra time in between tests to clean themselves and any equipment they use such as the sat nav. The number of tests conducted are now less which makes booking a test more difficult. The reason there are less tests are twofold. Firstly there are now less parking bays at the test centre compared with before. Every second bay has cones in them. That way each candidate, instructor and examiner can socially distance easier. Secondly there are less examiners. Some of them have not returned to work yet as they may be vulnerable.

Another change is that if a pupil commits a serious or dangerous mark, then the pupil will be guided back to the test centre and the test will be cut short. This is to minimise the time spent in the car unnecessarily.

Pupils and examiners are also required to wear masks. There are some valid reasons as to why a pupil may be exempt e.g. medical reasons. However being a glasses wearer and the fact that glasses may steam up is not a valid reason.

Windows are also required to partially open for test to help with ventilation and not to have air conditioning on. This can have the problem that in slow traffic especially when the weather is hot.


  1. I’m so pleased to have passed my test first time after being taught by Peter, who was always so patient and calm, even when I made mistakes and had forgotten some things after resuming lessons post lockdown. I was quite nervous about driving but always knew I was in good hands having been taught lots of helpful techniques and went into my test feeling confident. Thankyou so much Peter, you’re so nice and a great teacher who’s really gone the extra mile with helping me to pass despite the pandemic. Thankyou so much!!

    • Hi Anna. So glad you managed to pass during these difficult times and thank you so much for your kind words.