New Road in Sweden That Recharges Electric Vehicles

While many countries around the world are looking to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, Sweden have built a road that can charge electric vehicles on the move. The road is reckoned to be the first of it’s kind in the world. The road is 1.25 miles long and will serve lorries that have been specially adapted to make use of the new technology. In the future the technology will made available to cars and buses. Sweden are looking at a totally eco friendly system by 2030.

The adapted vehicles can recognise when they are on an electric road and an arm connects to the power supply to recharge the batteries while the drive. If a vehicle then pulls out to overtake the arm lifts up and lowers again when the vehicle is back in their own lane. The owner of the vehicle is charged by the amount of electricity used.

The rail has safety features built in to avoid accidents to both people and animals. The system can also deal with small rocks on the track. The technology is similar to that currently being used by some buses. It will be tested over a two year period and will hopefully be rolled out to other parts of Sweden. The cost for the system when fully in use would be in the region of £6,600,000,000 for around 12,400 miles of road.

Experts believe it could take up to 3 years to complete the project at an installation rate of 1 kilometre per hour and will be able to deal with snow, ice and rain.. As a result of being able to power up on the move, vehicles will be able to have smaller batteries as there will be less need to hold a large charge.


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