Intensive Driving Lessons & Courses Newbury

Intensive driving lessons in the Newbury area may be just what you’re looking for. Some people don’t want to spend months of their time taking one or two hour driving lessons per week, therefore an intensive course may be the right thing for you. Our courses all include the booking of the practical driving test however, if the test is already booked by the pupil, the test fee will be deducted from the course price. Our prices are as follows:

12 hours- £594
22 hours- £1,014
32 hours- £1,434
42 hours- £1,854
* These figures include the driving test fee and a 2 hour assessment lesson *

We ask that a deposit of £174 (to cover the assessment lesson and test booking fee) is made when booking any intensive course and once the course suitable for the pupil has been chosen, the remaining course price can be paid.

Weekend and Evening Intensive Courses

Why not save yourself from having to take time of work or waiting until the school holidays to take an intensive course. Why lose taking up valuable holiday time when you could take an intensive course in your spare time instead. Our prices for this are as follows:

12 hours- £654
22 hours- £1,124
32 hours- £1,594
42 hours- £2,064
* These figures include the driving test fee and a 2 hour assessment lesson *

Intensive courses don’t mean that you will be treated like you’re in the army with a sergeant major for an instructor. Our lessons are still just as friendly and relaxed as always, quickly settling your nerves and putting your mind at ease. Our instruction simply keeps pace with the amount of instruction necessary to master the controls and the skills necessary to pass your driving test and more importantly make you a better driver.

Intensive courses are not suited to all people which is why we offer a two hour assessment lesson. This is included in our course prices. The assessment allows your instructor to see firstly if you are suited to an intensive course and secondly roughly how many hours they think you will need to handle this demanding course. You only need to pay the deposit for any intensive course up front as the assessment lesson will be used to determine what course you will be taking rather than the pupil asking for a certain course but needing more or less hours. It has always been important to us that no hours are sold to a pupil who simply does not need them. This way the instructor and the pupil can mutually decide which course is right for them.

We offer courses ranging from 10-40 hours. Each course will be suited and tailored to the individual as each pupil may already have some experience or greater road sense than others. Lessons are conducted in 2 hour blocks, so if you were taking 4 hours of lessons in one day then you would have 2 lots of 2 hour lessons with a break in between. We strongly believe that as driving instructors we should be teaching pupils to drive and not just to pass their test so our teaching will still remain thorough and ensure the pupil can drive safely and confidently before their test.

It is important that you pass your theory test before you start intensive courses as our courses are normally over one to two weeks with your test already booked.

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