Pupil Reviews

Below are some of our many testimonials from pupils who took driving lessons and passed their driving tests in Newbury. The testimonials below are the pupils own words and we would like to thank them for their kind support. If you would like to add a testimonial then please contact us.

Manoj Jose - Newbury
1st time pass

"Learning to drive with Peter Skelton Driving School exceeded my expectations. I chose them originally because of their pass rate and reputation. My driving instructor was Frances and she was a fantastic instructor. The way she taught was brilliant. She uses effective ways of teaching which made things easier for me. This enabled me to pass my driving test first time. Thank-you so much!!!"
Maddie Easter - Newbury
1st time pass

"Thank you so much for all your help in getting me through my test. Louise, my instructor was amazing so calm and lovely. I cannot thank her enough, would so recommend Peter Skelton driving school and Louise – all fab, thanks so much will tell all my friends. Please can you pass on an extra big thank you to Louise my instructor she was fabulous, so kind and calm throughout the whole time. I cannot recommend both your driving school and Louise highly enough, you all made me feel so relaxed and I am so grateful for fitting me in at such short notice."
Alex Fowler - Newbury
1st time pass

"I started learning to drive back in December 2014, My teacher Ray was patient, calm and excellent and getting me to a level where i was confident and able to pass the test. He also threw in some excellent and not so excellent jokes…thanks Ray, you’re a legend! Ray was an absolute super hero, got me from not knowing anything about cars and how to drive them to passing my test on the first attempt in three and a half months...Thanks a lot Ray!"
Martina Elizova - Newbury
1st time pass

"I would like to send a big thank you to my teacher, Frances, who managed to prepare me for my test so well that I passed for the first time. Thank you for your patience, I know it was not fun with a nervous driver like me:)Thank you for teaching me, Frances, it was great to be your pupil:)"
Mario Jones - Newbury
2nd time pass

"Ladies and gentlemen, Peter Skelton has proven himself a worthy mentor to teach me the ways of the road. With his calm nature and unique sense of humour to go with his serious professionalism, Peter kept me focused and hard-working through both good drives and bad drives. As a result of his intelligent ways of engaging a student, I have successfully passed my test. So if you require an inspirational tutor who is more than capable of getting the facts into you in a stress-free manner, Peter is your man. Go Team Peter."
Mike Watch - Newbury
1st time pass

"First lesson- Just wanted to say thanks for the access to the theory test software - I passed the test yesterday with 48 out of 50 on the multiple choice and 71 out of 75 points on the hazard perception so very happy :). The software was a great help and I spent nearly all of my spare time practicing on it. Lessons are coming along superbly and Louise has been a huge help - I am really enjoying myself. Looking forward to my practical test now, cheers, Mike.
After passing- Many thanks guys, Louise was superb and really helpful I could not be happier with all the help I got and over the moon I passed. Louise is a superb instructor and really helped me a lot. I have already been recommending you guys to everyone :). Thanks again."
Johnnie Hayes - Newbury

"Thank you both Peter and Ray very much. I really enjoyed the lessons and the chat. Peter, I hope your empire continues to grow and your statistics to rise!"
James Murrell - Newbury
2nd time pass

"First lesson- I had a great time at the lesson and can’t wait for the next one! Thanks Peter, I had a really great time and Frances is an excellent instructor!
After passing- Woop woop, thanks for everything! Would recommend Frances to anyone. She's a babe."
Jessie Reddin - Newbury
1st time pass

"First lesson- Just had my first lesson last week and was really pleased with how it went! I was quite nervous beforehand as I had very little previous knowledge about cars/driving but Peter was very calm and patient, which definitely helped to put me at ease. Thank you for a great first lesson and I am looking forward to my next one and making more progress!
After passing- I found driving a daunting prospect but Peter was incredibly calm and patient with me, which made learning much easier. His teaching style is great because it’s straightforward and very easy to get along with; I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive. I passed my test first time with peter skelton driving school and I can't believe it. Thanks again for all of your help!"
Duncan Sugden - Newbury
1st time pass

"Thanks again to Peter and Louise, I had a really good experience from start to finish. Louise was cool calm and calculated and was able to adapt various explanations and techniques to get the desired result from a situation – I would recommend Louise to any one! Thanks guys, it was a pleasure."
Nok Rowan - Newbury

"My sister passed a few years ago with Peter and when I wanted to drive we knew where to go. Brilliant is not enough excellent would not even come close. They are just fantastic and professional and I learned to relax and became more confident for my test which I passed. I’m so pleased, a very happy customer, Thanks Ray for all your help, Nok"
Hannah Short - Newbury
2nd time pass

"I want to say a massive thank you to Frances O’ Hagan for making me an amazing driver with lots of hard work! So happy I’ve passed my driving test, so thanks for helping me every step of the way."
Amy Flynn - Newbury
2nd time pass

" First lesson- Great first lesson, was good to get driving so quickly! Good value too.
After passing- So happy to have finally passed, enjoying the freedom! Thanks again to Peter Skelton."
Adam West - Newbury
1st time pass

"First lesson- Really enjoyed my first lesson on Friday and felt I made really good progress! Challenging at points but a really good introduction to driving! Can’t wait for my next lesson! Thanks.
After passing- Thanks for all your help Peter! You have been an amazingly patient teacher and I am so pleased with my result! Thank you for everything!"
Jamie Meads - Newbury
1st time pass

"First lesson- Back learning after a long lay off, enjoyed my first lesson looking forward to the next until ready for test standard. Thank you Peter.
After passing- Thank you peter really appreciated your time and help."
Angus Shepherd - Newbury
1st time pass

"Absolutely fantastic teaching from peter, I thoroughly recommend him, thank you very much."
Sarah Hawthorne -Newbury
2nd time pass

"Thank you ray for the fun filled lessons I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of them."
Selina Jones - Newbury
1st time pass

"I can't believe I actually did it, thank you peter for helping me and for everything! Thank you so much for all of the hard work and great banter in my driving lessons! I cant believe I’ve passed! Will definitely be recommending the Peter Skelton Driving School to EVERYONE! Thanks again!"
George Jackson -Newbury
1st time pass

"Thanks Peter for helping me pass! Really great teaching and a good few months, cheers."
Josh Waters - Newbury
2nd time pass

"I thoroughly enjoyed learning with Peter Skelton and would definitely recommend the school to anyone thinking about learning to drive!"
Jenny Dickson - Newbury
1st time pass

"First lesson- Thanks Peter! I am feeling more confident and excited to learn more.
After passing- Had a successful run of learning to drive! Been great now I have passed and feel very safe driving around. Thanks Peter for the lessons and for all your help!"
Angus Oliver - Newbury
1st time pass

"Ray is BIG DOG. Couldn’t have done it without him."
David Beynon - Newbury
1st time pass

"Thanks Peter for your perseverance. I had a lot of fun learning to drive and will definitely be recommending you to all my friends! Hope to see you soon for some Pass Plus lessons."
Maddy Weeks - Newbury
2nd time pass

"First Lesson- I was very nervous about starting driving again after a long break and had low confidence after failing two tests a few years ago. But Peter’s teaching has put me at ease and after just a few lessons I can feel my confidence gradually building up on the road. Thanks Peter.
After passing- Thank you so much Peter, after giving up on driving years ago I didn’t think the day I passed my test would be possible. Great instruction, and very patient. It’s great to finally have my independence! Will be seeing you soon for Pass Plus."
Rosanna Woodhouse - Newbury
1st time pass

"Thank you, Ray's a great instructor! I am so happy to have passed my driving test. Ray Cox was the best driving instructor I had by far. He was my instructor for only a few months, but in that time managed to get my confidence up. Its all down to him that I passed my test! Thank you so much for the patience, laughs and optimism you had in me I couldn’t have passed without you Ray!"
Daniel Sparkes - Newbury
1st time pass

"Thank you Ray for being very patient with me. Ray Cox is an excellent trainer and a pleasure to drive with. I will recommend him to anyone I know who needs to learn. Due to his very easy going nature and rigorous and extensive training methods I was able to pass first time. Thank you again, Danny Sparkes"
Barnaby Omar - Newbury
1st time pass

"A huge thank you to Peter, without whom I would have had no chance of passing my test first time!!"
Becki Hutt - Newbury
1st time pass

"Thank you peter for everything. I’m over the moon I passed today and beat my horrendous nerves. Failing 5 times with a previous driving school and a 6 year gap, I needed an instructer to give a quality service with attention to detail. With peter your pay for what you get and it is exactly that!!!"
Tom Prendergast - Newbury
1st time pass

"Thank you so much Peter for all the help (and patience!). I really enjoyed all the lessons and found them very good value for money. Through you I was able to quickly build up my skills and confidence, and ultimately pass first time!"
Lorna Pilmore - Newbury
1st time pass

"Couldn’t have had a better instructor. So patient. Thank you for everything Peter."
Kelly-Marie Looker - Newbury
2nd time pass

"I would like to express my thanks to Peter for all his patience and hard work over the past few weeks/months. Peter is a brilliant driving instructor who will no doubt help anyone successfully pass their driving test like he did with me. I would certainly recommend Peter as a driving instructor if you want to achieve a “driving test pass certificate” Thank you Peter, looking forward to beginning my Pass Plus with you, many thanks Kelly."
Emma Thomas - Newbury
2nd time pass

"First lesson- Thanks for my lesson. Was very nervous and didn’t understand much about how a car worked but Peter quickly brought me up to speed and I managed to get a lot of driving into my first lesson. I now feel a lot more confident about my abilities and hopefully can make some good progress as time goes on.
After passing- Thanks Peter for all your help and for being a great teacher. Never thought I'd be able to do it!"
Jamie Amor - Thatcham
1st time pass

"I learnt to drive with peter and he helped me pass first time and gave me a lot of confidence I am already driving company work vehicles and I am looking to move to a class 2 lorry."
Charlotte Osbourne - Newbury
Refresher Lessons

"After being involved in a car crash in 2012 I finally was able to drive again after two years! Choosing Peter for refresher lessons was the best decision I made. Peter made me feel very safe, and very comfortable in my road surroundings. I no longer feel nervous on the road or in my new adapted car. I highly recommend Peter for new, old & nervous drivers... Thank you so much for all your patience."
"Nick Holmes - Hungerford
1st time pass

I would like to so say a big thank you to Peter for providing me with great lessons that led to me passing first time!
Peter is a brilliant instructor, very patient and calm. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking to start their driving lessons."
Tess Delavin - Newbury
1st time pass

"Thank you for all your help, dedication and patience to me during our driving lessons...I was always scared of driving but you are so good at teaching me and making me feel comfortable driving. All you have taught me paid off when I pass the driving test first time, and that's really something to me. Thank you so much Mr. Ray Cox for helping me gain my Independence and freedom."
Kate Markova - Newbury
1st time pass
"I would like to thank Peter Skelton’s school and especially my instructor Ray for giving me great lessons. I have passed the first time and I am so happy! Ray is a great instructor, very knowledgeable and patient, he made me very comfortable, though I was really afraid of driving and now I am loving it! I didn’t have my own car to practice and I have never driven until I was 28, but Ray helped me to learn everything from scratch and pass the test within a few months. Now every time I drive I think what Ray would do, I am very grateful for the lessons! Thank you"
Ocean Sparks - Newbury
1st time pass

"Ray was very kind and patient with me. He made my lessons very comfortable and not too nerve-racking or daunting! I now drive quite a lot and feel like I was taught not just for the test but for real-life situations. I want to thank Ray so much for all of his help."
Emily Sinfield - Newbury
1st time pass

"Thank you so much for my driving lessons, they were great! I’m so glad i passed! I was really nervous about learning to drive but you made my lessons enjoyable and driving less scary! I’m enjoying driving so much now! Thank you Peter!"
Charlotte Keech - Newbury
1st time pass

"Hi. I have just passed my driving test all thanks to Peter. I'm so happy to have passed first time with only 2 minor marks. I'm definitely gonna do my Pass Plus just so I can hear his soothing voice again."
Issy Simpson - Newbury
1st time pass

"Thank you for being such a great instructor Peter!!! So happy I passed first time and now I am enjoying driving a lot since I passed"
Elliot Barr-Macallan - Newbury
1st time pass

"I have just passed my driving test. It has taken me 6 YEARS so far, I'm 24 and I have had about 7 or 8 instructors over the years and Ray is definitely the best one. He's been great, easy to talk to, very relaxed and I have had fun as well which is really important"
Justin Scher-Smith - Newbury
1st time pass

"Thanks again to Peter Skelton for being an excellent teacher and for putting up with me highly recommended Peter. Great teacher, he wasn't pushy and was very calm. Great taste in music as well"
Jo Karasinski - Newbury
1st time pass

"Thanks Peter, you did a fantastic job! Can't sing your praises enough! Just drove myself to Tesco's some might find that a bit sad for a first trip out!! But for me strangely exciting! Lol thanks again, now I can be safe and home quickly after a late night at work x"
Katy Cue - Newbury
1st time pass

"Thank you Peter, couldn't have done it without you! Will recommend u to all my friends. U've been fantastically patient. Big thank you, Petey Pops!!!"
Fran Thomas - Newbury
1st time pass

"So happy to have passed my driving test first time with Peter Skelton Driving School. I was incredibly nervous, but all went well! Had to tackle the reverse around the corner, but managed to pass with 3 minors. Could not be happier, thank you!"
Robyn McMillan - Newbury
1st time pass

"Thank you so much Peter for being such a great instructor and for helping me pass first time! I’m so glad that my friend recommended you to me because it’s been a pleasure.
Thanks again! :)"
Stacey MacDonald - Abingdon
1st time pass

"Thank you so much Peter with helping me pass my driving test with "No" minor marks. At times I felt like a nervous wreck but you helped to calm some of them nerves and made me realise that nerves are good sometimes lol You have also taught me very valuable driving techniques that I will remember forever. Brilliant driving instructor!! I will recommend you to anyone I meet who wants to learn to drive."
Ben Gomm - Thatcham
1st time pass

"Hardwork and excellent teaching left me confident for test day and my success was testimony to that; I couldn’t have asked for a better result!."
Shiju Palamthodi - Newbury
1st time pass

"I have really enjoyed my driving lessons with Peter, He has taught me everything I should be aware and helped to me overcome my faults. I would recommend Peter to anyone. Thank you so much Peter.
Ethel Nzombe - Thatcham
1st time pass

"If you think you are hopeless at driving a HIGHLY RECOMMEND you call Peter and book some lessons!!!!! I had driving lessons before with 2 different instructors, one taught me bad driving habits and the other was unreliable so when I met Peter I was quite discouraged an super nervous about even managing to move a car. I passed first time with only one minor.

Really pleased with Peter’s teaching, through, everything is explained until you get it and no wasting time, no messing about !! This was really good because I felt like my previous instructors were sometimes not pushing me hard enough because the more mistakes I made the more lessons I booked so they would get more money. But none of that with Peter, he pushed me to get things right first time round and explained to me what I got wrong and why so l don’t keep making the same mistakes. And if you look at the gear stick you will get pen lines drawn on you hand!

I booked my lessons in blocks. Very good value for money, especially as I was quite terrible at driving when we started! He literally had to re-teach me everything and remove my terrible driving habits I had been taught before by others! Thank you again Peter x!!!"
Robyn Bigglestone - Thatcham
2nd time pass

"Hours putting my face on HAH rolled out of bed more like. Yes this photo is not one of my finest. Thank you for teaching me, you were very patient very very patient lol. I had no more lessons that what was needed and always felt fully prepared when going for my test. When I had Ray for the 1 day you were on holiday I did feel a bit worried having someone new but he was lovely too and we soon got chatting which made me feel at ease. He would tell me what I was doing wrong when driving which was exactly the same as what you would say so I knew I was being advised correctly, not that there was any doubt in my mind. Overall I would deffo recommend both of you guys for any new drivers to start learning, especially if you were a nervous wreck like me!!! Thanks again xxx."
Georgie Lillington - Newbury
1st time pass

"Thanks for the great overall driving experience, really enjoyed myself and feel very confident driving now. I would recommend to everyone. Shame about the awful video I made!!"
Fran Wiseman - Newbury
1st time pass

"I would like to a say a BIG Thank You to Peter for teaching me to drive. Peter transformed me from a nervous beginner to confident driver in just three months. I passed my test first time which I attribute to his exceptional teaching skills and easy to follow techniques. Peter was very patient but also knew when to push me to get me over my fear of busy roundabouts! If I made a mistake, Peter could always explain to me why, and gave simple, clear explanations to rectify the mistake. Peter is easy to get along with and have a laugh, which is important when learning to drive as it makes the experience enjoyable. I would recommend Peter to anyone who is thinking about learning to drive."
Jo Hunt - Newbury
1st time pass

"Thanks Peter for getting me to pass first time. You helped me build on my skills I learnt from a previous instructor and made me SLOW things down so I could put the car exactly where I wanted in my manoeuvres! Fast hands slow feet."
Sabrina Banning - Coldash
2nd time pass

"I had gone through several instructors prior to Peter and it had got to the point where I felt that I would never past my test, and I felt like giving up. Then I found Peter, and instantly I clicked with him. My particular fear was roundabouts and within 2-3 lessons he had me tackling them with ease. I would just like to say a massive thank you, Peter, as without your help and patience I would never have been able to pass my test! I would happily recommend Peter to anyone looking for an understanding, kind and patient driving instructor that delivers superb results!"
Lauren Prizeman - Newbury
2nd time pass

"Amazing driving school which managed to put up with me even though I’m a pain and help me pass, thanks again!."
Claire Dawes - Newbury
1st time pass

"Just want to say a massive thank you to Peter for getting me through my test first time! I started with some bad habits and lacked confidence but his way of teaching changed that and now I’m fairly certain I can bay park without panicking! Driving is a daunting prospect but his patient manner put me at ease so thanks again!"
Lauren Piper - Andover
2nd time pass

"Peter was a brilliant driving instructor, I found his style of teaching very relaxed! Chuffed about passing, still hasn’t sunk in."
Charlie Peat - Thatcham
1st time pass

"Peter is by far the best driving instructor I have had (having had two others before). By the time I passed my test I was a very confident yet very safe driver who is now able to tackle the roads of the UK with relative ease and certainty!
Thanks Peter!!"
Hannah James - Newbury
1st time pass

"I’m so pleased I decided to go with Peter Skelton for my driving lessons. He pushed me but it was good because I was able to grasp the basics easily. So pleased I passed first time."
Freddie Barnes - Newbury
1st time pass

"Hello Peter
Paul and I just wanted to express our appreciation for all the way in which you taught Freddy to drive. He so appreciated your straightforward, easy and calm manner and is delighted to have passed his test today, thank you so very much, we are all delighted!
Very best wishes
Patricia and Paul Barnes."
Naomi Doran - Newbury
3rd time pass

"Would like to say a massive thank you to Peter! After changing to Peter’s driving school I can easily say I feel privileged to have experienced Peter’s teaching - he’s by far the best instructor out there and would thoroughly recommend him to anyone. The methods Peter teaches are simple and memorable which makes your driving experience a whole lot easier! Thanks Peter for enabling me to feel safe and confident on the roads.
Naomi x."
Liv Skarin-Smith - Newbury
2nd time pass

"It’s not simply enough to say that Peter is an amazing driving instructor! His no nonsense methods soon made me feel comfortable at the wheel of a car and I became a confident driver in a very short space of time. He was patient even when I got stressed or got into a panic! The things Peter said were always really memorable and some of them I will never forget even if I wanted to! “Right, right, left” “main, main, all” and most importantly “the bend is not your friend!” The difference between Peter and a lot of other driving schools is that he really does want you to pass in the quickest time possible whilst still passing as the safest driver you can be! I would recommend Peter to anyone who is looking for a friendly instructor to make you a confident and safe driver!."
Nicole Silvester - Newbury
Pass Plus

"Was glad to find you did pass plus! Found it very beneficial, especially the night driving as this was something I wasn't very confident about doing. By completing pass plus, I feel much more confident as a driver, and found its definitely worth it in terms of experience and on the insurance! Thanks again Peter."
Annie Magee - Newbury
Refresher lessons

"Thanks so much Peter for the 3 refresher lessons after a year out of driving! I feel so much more confident having gone over all the basics as well as driving on a variety of road types with you including the motorways!
Since finishing my refresher lessons, I have remembered your tips and now I never look at the gear stick when changing gear- I am a much safer driver!
Thanks again, Annie."
Millie Popplewell - Newbury
2nd time pass

"Thank you so much Peter for all your help. its been great learning from you and I really enjoyed our lessons, almost sad I passed."
Nicole Silvester - Newbury
1st time pass

"So happy to have passed first time! Thank you so much Peter, had fun on every lesson and am definitely going to miss it. Will definitely look out for your car when I’m driving around! Glad I stopped looking at the gear stick after only a few lessons – definitely don’t do it now 🙂 thanks Peter!."
Emily Meaney - Lambourn
2nd time pass

"Woo!! Thanks for putting up with me Pete! You’re a star!!."
Kim Slade - Tadley
2nd time pass

"A BIG thank you to Peter for helping me pass my driving test. Would highly recommend him to anyone! I contacted peter at the end of May and my theory was due to run out the beginning of August. I passed on the 30th July. Never been so happy! Thank you!! X."
James Naylor - Newbury
1st time pass

"I have just passed my driving test today with 4 minor marks. Thanks to Peter Skelton, he's been a great help to me. I only did 22 hour of driving. He made feel relaxed in the car and really pushed me through quickly because I wanted to pass as quickly as possible. So I would like to say thank you again. Cheers. "
Heather Lewis - Newbury
1st time pass

"I was recommended by friends who had all learnt with Peter and passed first time and I also chose Peter Skelton Driving School because of all the great reviews. Learning to drive was extremely daunting at first, I couldn't believe that I was sat in the driver's seat rather than the passenger's seat. Once the foundations and basics of driving was set, all the manoeuvres and 'tricky stuff' seemed to build up naturally. I had a necessity to stare in the middle mirror when carrying out some of the manoeuvres so my instructor thought it would be funny to turn the mirror away so I couldn't see it anymore - it worked though! I would definitely recommend to all my friends because Peter brought fun into every single lesson as I was learning to drive. Whenever I made a mistake he would be able to tell me exactly why and where I went wrong so as my driving test approached I was making fewer and fewer mistakes."
Nancy Morgan - Thatcham
1st time pass

"It was easier to pick up the basics than I expected but it did take a long time to gain confidence, The teaching methods were quite pushy but in a good way, feared getting drawn on with a pen when I looked down at the gear stick 🙂 The teaching methods worked well as the most important things are drummed into you. I would recommend Peter Skelton Driving School to my friends and family as the teaching methods are excellent and a good understanding of how to drive safely is picked up quickly."
Maria Albanese - Thatcham
1st time pass

"I was recommended to Peter Skelton Driving School by my Brother, Leonardo, who learned to drive with you a couple of years earlier. I found that driving required a lot more concentration than I realised. The teaching methods were excellent, very thorough and definitely worked. I have already recommended Peter Skelton to my friends as an outstanding instructor by ensuring that they master all aspects of driving, enabling them to pass on their first attempt."
Shanie Hughes - Newbury
1st time pass

"Wow. I can't believe I have passed my driving test. Thank you so much for all your help. When I first started I was so nervous, but with your patient help and support I soon found myself able to drive. I now have the freedom I have longed for. Thanks again."
Joseph Tolman-Lopez - Kingsclere
1st time pass

"Peter managed to find the perfect balance between teaching and being a human that you could actually talk to. Being ‘locked’ in a car with someone, it is important that you get on well with them and Peter finds the balance of being easy to get along well with and teaching you how to drive. I like to think that I gained a license and gained a friend at the same time. I recommend Peter as an incredibly patient, practical and honest driving instructor as well as being a great laugh at the same time."
Joseph Vaughan - Thatcham
1st time pass

"What can i say Peter is a brilliant teacher not only can he teach you how to drive confindently and safely , he also is able to have a good laugh with and a good chat. i managed to pass first time round with 1 minor this alone shows you he is brilliant and a committed driving instructor you will learn from the best. Peter is easy to get along with and he’ll be very patient and he’ll teach you how to drive in the most simplest way and ways to do manoeuvres correctly. I would highly recommend him to you."
Jasmin Williams - Newbury
1st time pass

"Peter is a fantastic driving instructor. He’s relaxed, patient and easy to get on with. His cheerful, jokey, personality makes learning to drive a fun experience and makes you feel like you’re driving with a friend. I would recommend Peter to anyone wishing to learn to drive and particularly to those who are a little apprehensive about driving, as Peter makes you feel calm and relaxed and takes it at your own pace."
Keith Phipps - Thatcham
1st time pass

"Before I started learning to drive I thought it imperative to find the best instructor in the area, I was recommended to Peter and I’m pleased to say I found exactly that! Peters combination of expert techniques, teaching, advice and fun presence made the 4 months I was with him an absolute pleasure. He has been very supportive throughout and has been more then happy to help with any problem that occurred, including giving handouts to study on which I thought a brilliant way to study and improve. I work as a Chef and have a busy working lifestyle and Peter arranged that into his schedule so I never missed a lesson. There was never a dull moment whilst learning, and when he wasn’t teaching me how to not only drive, but drive safely, we would chat about the latest football news and gossip. With his help I passed First time and know I can go out with confidence knowing I’ve been taught to the highest and safest level. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone looking for a friendly and to be honest, all round fantastic driving instructor."
Robyn Bailey - Thatcham
1st time pass

"When I first started to learn to drive it wasn’t with Peter. My first driving instructor was a trainee. I managed to get into a lot of bad habits, and I was finding it very difficult. I then found Peter who is very understanding in a lot of ways, and helped me get out of those habits. Peter has helped me become a very confident driver."
Ellen Burnett - Newbury
1st time pass

"Although I found driving to be difficult and a bit scary at first, Peter really helped to build up my confidence and made everything easy to understand. His learning materials were also really helpful and he was very flexible with lesson times. Thanks to his unending patience and all the support, I have now passed first time and would highly recommend him."
Tom Meredith - Coldash
1st time pass

"I started driving with a different instructor to Peter who often failed to turn up. I later picked it up again with Peter and i could immediately see the difference. He’s very organised and the materials he gives you are very useful to read up on in your spare time. I fully recommend Peter to any new learners who want to pass first time!"
Doris Ndegwa - Hermitage
1st time pass

"I don’t know what you are waiting for! Pick up the phone, call peter and run for your driving lessons. Iam absolutely delighted to have passed my manual driving test with Peter. I call it Manual because after several attempts of passing the manual practical test, several here means 7 times- I gave up and booked an automatic driving test. After just months of driving automatic car, I met Peter who has been so professional, patient and friendly in his approach to teaching the lessons that I can say now that all that I needed was to meet him at the right time. All in all, I have done the test for the 9th time ( and just one time with Peter) and can now confidently drive manual car which was only a dream.
Thank you very much Peter, I will forever remember you- your flexibility with my busy schedules made it possible. You were brilliant!!"
Jamie Futcher - Newbury
2nd time pass

"Pete is the best driving instructor around Newbury. Even after ruining his 100% first time pass record for Park House students he still had patience and finally after passing second time I would happily recommend him to everybody."
Katya Storchak - Newbury
1st time pass

"Peter is a wonderful driving instructor. When I first started driving, I didn’t think I would be able to pass as quickly as I did. The amount of patience that he has is unbelievable, even when you would think that anyone else would have started shouting at you! I looked forward to Peter’s lessons as we always had a laugh and came away feeling like I had improved after each one. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone. Thank you very much Peter for your patience and time."
John Morgan - Chieveley
1st time pass

"First may I say thank you for your time and patience. Just before I started my first lesson I was worried about driving but after meeting Peter and had my first lesson I felt so relaxed. He makes everything so clear and easy to understand. Peter’s down to earth easy to get along with you always have a laugh and come away knowing you’ve learnt and improved. I would and will always recommend him to anyone."
Eirwen Collier - Newbury
1st time pass

"Peter is a very patient and well mannered teacher. He is by far one of the best teachers I have ever had, making the lessons interesting and fun at the same time as being safe. I learnt a lot from having Peter as my instructor and intend on carrying on with him for pass plus. Thanks very much Peter for making sure I passed first time I would recommend him to anyone, he is the best there is."
Madeleine Grant-Jones - Kingsclere
1st time pass

"Hi, I just wanted to say a big Thank You to Peter for helping me pass my manual driving test first time – some 10 years after passing an automatic driving test!

Peter was endlessly patient, explaining changes to the test, to current thinking on driving safety, and the differences in different cars. He was able to help me distinguish between the ‘helpful’ and not-so-helpful advice from others. I particularly appreciated feeling able to challenge Peter on some points, which he could then explain in a different way…

He even coped with my toddler in the back of the car – the way parents everywhere have to drive, but I imagine driving instructors are less used to!

I would highly recommend Peter, especially if you’re a little nervous, need a refresher, or are just starting out. I wish I’d had a driving instructor like him 10 years ago!"
Candice Stockwell - Hungerford
1st time pass

"Learning to drive with you was one of the best decisions I could have made. You can see how passionate you are about your job and it was never about just getting me to pass, you want all your pupils to be good and safe drivers. Not only did you prepare me for my test, you prepared me for everything that comes after when there would no longer be someone in the car telling me what to do. Although you always made sure no lessons were wasted, I looked forward to every one as they were always good fun. I cannot thank you enough and I would reccomend you to anyone learning to drive."
Matt Sanders - Thatcham
2nd time pass

"I passed my driving test on the second go, with only two minors. The instruction I received from Peter was second to none, and I intend to carry on with pass plus with him next year. Lessons were always fun and never stressful or pressured and I look forward to more lessons with him soon."
Martin Hitchcott - Newbury
1st time pass

"I found that all the revision that peter gives you in a folder really helps. also when i took my test this time last year peter sat in the car with me which also did help my confidence. I passed first time with only 3 minors. peter is the man to go with."
Peter Couling - Newbury
1st time pass

"Hi. I just wanted to say thanks for everything. I'm really happy to have passed :)"
Sarah Hitchcox - Newbury
1st time pass

"I never thought learning to drive could be so enjoyable. Peter Skelton's tuition was second to none, relaxed but firm with full explanations. This was without a doubt, the sole reason why i managed to pass first time with just one minor. He was always patient, taught me thoroughly and was great company at the same time. He always finds new and interesting ways to make you remember things, which have stuck with me to this day. I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of learning how to drive and would not hesitate to personally recommend Peter to anyone."
James Davis -Newbury
1st time pass

"Peter's ruthlessly methodical and efficient teaching techniques are what I attribute to his particularly high pass rate for new drivers in Newbury. His memorable driving mantra's ("prepare, observe, move") will become burned into a new drivers' memory and will go a long way toward helping a driver pass their test. I would happily recommend Peter to any new driver looking to take their test in Newbury."
Virginia Crane - Hungerford
Refresher Lessons

"Dear Peter. I am writing to thank you for your patience and guidance you showed over the past few weeks when you effectively enabled me to regain confidence in my driving and thus change my lifestyle. After 10 years of relying on public transport whilst living in London, it came as quite a shock to realise that the free bus pass provided in West Berkshire, was virtually worthless as there are very few bus routes and even fewer buses to use. First Great Western does, of course, provide that valued direct service to Reading and London but for all other journeys, a car is essential. Although a qualified driver in the official sense, I felt that I required a “refresher” course to bring me ‘up to speed’ so to speak. From the very first driving session with you, I began to appreciate how things had changed since I was last behind the wheel but soon rebuilt that understanding necessary to drive with awareness and authority. Your encouragement and professionalism were key factors in this development and I would truly commend your tuition to beginners and not-so-beginners like myself, for a friendly and effective learning process."
Tom Bull - Newbury
1st time pass

"I passed first time with 4 minors, and would describe Peter as a patient and conscientious instructor, who has a great sense of humour and always has the pupils best interests first."
Ed Johnson - Yattenden
1st time pass

"I turned 17 on the 26th of May 07 and had my first lesson shortly after. I didn’t have much of an idea how to drive a car and thought it would take some time to get my licence. It turned out that I ended up passing my test with 2 minors on the 5th of July 07. Peter’s calmness, patience and excellent teaching skills were the driving force behind my passing so quickly. I have since recommended Peter to several of my close friends."
Daniel Milnes - Thatcham
1st time pass

"Peter is a brilliant instructor. I had 30 hours of lessons and passed my driving test 1st time with only 2 minors. He is a very pleasant person who can identify your strong points and weak points and push you in the right direction."
Alex Herriot - Thatcham
2nd time pass

"Peter is a fantastic driving instructor. He pushes you enough so that you learn everything he teaches and so you will become a very good driver but not so much that it appears unfriendly or aggressive. He always makes sure that not only are his pupils good enough to pass when they want to take their test but that they are above standard;
that they will become safe and excellent drivers when unleashed onto the roads alone. He really cares about all his pupils and not only wants them to pass but want to make sure that they will be safe when allowed to drive on their own, and to this end I think he is a complete success. I would recommend him to anyone without a moments thought and have done so to friends of mine who all agree with me on how exceptional a teacher he is."
Leonardo Albanese - Thatcham
1st time pass

"Peter was a great instructor. He made it easy for me to relax when I was tense and nervous about driving! He gets you to pass when your ready and I passed first time with 2 minors. The two hour intense lesson technique really paid off! Peter was also the cheapest instructor around so he saved me a few bob. I'm now rolling around in my Ford KA all thanks to you Peter! The pass plus classes are also very informative and useful and I would recommend them after passing as there is still much to learn to ensure you're a safe driver! thanks Big Pete x"
Rob Lees - Newbury
1st time pass

"Peter is a great instructor, who takes you through all the things you need to know before test day. The additional material that he provided made such a difference as I could revise between lessons, making the time in the car with Peter all the more valuable. I really can't believe I passed first time, but it is all down to peter his excellent teaching style and knowledge. Thank you so much Peter and Newbury Driving School."
Lee Mildenhall - Burghclere
1st time pass

"I would just like to say Peter Skelton is a great driving instructor and a massive thank you to Newbury Driving School and Peter Skelton. I highly recommend him as an instructor as I passed first time after 12 weeks, thanks a lot for all the help and teaching :)"
Rob Connolly - Thatcham
1st time pass

"I would just like to say a massive thank you to Peter and Newbury driving school for all the help, support and patience that was given to me during my driving lessons. Peter is a great instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor. All the help and information I was given during my lessons was a great boost to my confidence that enabled me to pass first time.
Once again thanks Peter"
Harry Smith - Wickham
1st time pass

"Newbury Driving School, the perfect way to start your life of driving. You learn everything you need to before the big test. Peter is a good instructor with excellent knowledge of the test and the examiners mind. He may nag from time to time but that's a good thing i managed to pass first time much too my surprise so I would recommend Newbury Driving School to any first time driver. Thank you Peter for all the help."
Louisa Rayner - Driving Instructor NewburyLouisa Rayner - Newbury
Refresher Lessons

"Dear Peter,
I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you again for the refresher lessons, now that I have seen the impact they have had. I now feel confident driving the children to school / friends houses / shopping etc, and even jumped in the car yesterday afternoon to take them up to Thatcham Nature Discovery Centre, without a second thought! I no longer have that nervous feeling before I get in the car, and am even negotiating the Robin Hood roundabout without worry!
Thank you for giving me my confidence back, and helping me see I wasn't such a bad driver after all."
Toby Ford - Thatcham
1st time pass

"I would highly recommend Peter Skelton and Newbury Driving School to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Peter is friendly and professional and makes it easy to pass. Everything is broken down into simple steps so it is easy to understand. You even get additional learning material to help you pass your test.
This was the 2nd driving school I tried and I felt a lot more confident learning with Peter. I liked the format of two hour lessons as you get more driving time. I found it helpful that he sat in the car during the test. Just like to say thanks for helping me get my licence."
Brett Dore - Newbury
1st time pass

"Learning to drive with Newbury driving school was a great decision for me and I would highly recommend them to others. Peter was a calm and reassuring instructor throughout. Learning was quick and easy and I passed my test first time. I am happy I chose Newbury driving school, it was great. I'm sure you will think so too."

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