Driving Lessons Newbury – Automatic and manual driving

Everybody takes to driving differently. Some may be more natural when learning and some may find it quite difficult to get used to everything. When learning in a manual car, there is a lot to think about. Getting used to the gears can be one of the most difficult things to get used to. Trying to keep your eyes on the road and getting used to the movement of the gear stick for different gears can cause confusion. However, the more you practice and the longer you drive, the more you will get used to doing these things naturally and without hesitation.

As an alternative to learning in a manual car, you can learn in an automatic car. This would take away the clutch and gears, simplifying the process of driving. Some people may find automatic driving easier as they may like to feel confident and be able to concentrate and having too much to do at one time can become a danger for them if they can’t focus properly on the road. If driving without gears makes the driver feel safer this will improve their driving experience over all.

A big advantage of learning and passing your driving test in a manual car is that you can drive either manual cars or automatic ones afterwards. If you pass your test in an automatic car then you can only drive automatics and if you then wanted to drive a manual car, you would need to take another test. People will have their own preferences and will know what is better for them once they start learning to drive. Some people might think they won’t be able to drive a manual but after trying it, may find they like it. It is completely down to the pupils own comfort and safety.


  1. Peter – thank you so much for all your time, patience and great sense of humour…even through my (occasional) tears and (not so occasional) nervous swearing! I felt at ease from my first lesson and I never thought I’d be able to pass first time, so huge thanks to you and Ray who took me to test. I’d definitely recommend the Peter Skelton Driving School to anyone who’s looking to learn or refresh their driving skills.

    • Hi Kerrie. Thanks so much for your review. You are more than welcome. Loved those lessons and even got to love the swearing.