Driving Lessons Basingstoke – Singing Roads

Have you ever heard of a singing road? Well there aren’t any in Basingstoke but in The Netherlands such a road exists. It has strips on the road which when driven over at the correct speed play a tune for the drivers as a reward.

However nearby residents in a nearby town have been driven mad by all the noise. One local resident said they have been driven mad by all the noise and said it was “mental torture” with some cars driving at twice the speed limit to see if the song plays twice as fast.

The local authority closed the “singing road” road 1 day after it opened from pressure by local people.

The tune that was played was the anthem of Friesland which is a province of the country. The cars had to drive at 40mph (60kph) and carefully placed rumble strips, the type that are usually found at the side of the motorway to warn drivers of drifting off course.

One of the locals said “Taxis were driving deliberately fast to play the tune at a higher speed. We had the song playing all night long at high speed. It was driving me crazy!!”

The road was chosen to help promote the city of Leewarden which is the Capital of Culture for Europe. It was also used in order to test a new paint. A local minister said “It worked very well and locals should not be unhappy” However it was decided that other roads would be better suited.

The cost of the strips including the cost of removing them was around £70,000. All for just one day of use. The minister went on to say “I was in the town myself and I must admit it was very difficult to sleep. However the town has now returned to peace and quiet.”