Driving instructor Newbury- Having your own car

Having your own car before you start learning to drive is a great thing. It can offer motivation to pass your test as soon as possible and safely as you won’t have to wait to drive while you buy a car and insure it etc. Having your own car may mean that you are able to go out and have lessons with a parent or relative, saving money on driving lessons and being comfortable with someone one you know.

If a pupil practises a lot in their own car however, the transition to an instructor’s car can be quite difficult depending on the car model. The gears, steering wheel and feel of the car can be completely different so if a pupil only practises in their own car and then wants to take the test in an instructor’s car, a few lessons to at least get used to the instructor’s car would be highly recommended so that the pupil isn’t disappointed with a failure for something that could have been ironed out if practiced.

If you do practice in your own car and then have a few lessons with an instructor and do the test in their car, this will mean you have already got used to your own car and will be ready to drive on your own safely straight away. If only learning in an instructor’s car, a pupil’s own car may take some getting used to so they may require a little bit of practice with someone else in the car a few times.

A car ready and waiting after your test is a fantastic incentive to be consistent with your driving lessons and practice hard to achieve a licence. Even if you don’t have a car though, getting your licence as soon as you can means that whenever you are able to get your own car, you can drive it straight away without having to wait.


  1. I like my driving lessons with my instructor Louise. She’s very nice, friendly and patient, as all the Peter Skelton Driving School staff. At the first lesson I was a bit anxious as I have not driven too much before, and when I was driving before it was on the right hand side. After having just a short chat with Louise I started to feel more comfortable and confident. Thank you Louise!!
    I don’t regret my choice, actually I love it:)

    • Hi Daniela, thank you for your great comments. We are glad you are enjoying your lessons with Louise and wish you luck with your progress! 🙂

  2. I’ve just had my first driving lesson with Peter. I felt relaxed as he thoroughly explained the first manoeuvres and built my confidence. Dan

    • Hi Dan, thank you for your comments. We hope you continue to enjoy your lessons with Peter and wish you luck with your progress 🙂

  3. I failed my first two tests under my first instructor as I simply wasn’t prepared. With peter’s teaching I felt so much more confident when it came around to my test and passed no problem. I highly recommend you use peter Skelton driving school so that you can feel confident going into your first test

    • Hi James. Thank you so much for your feedback. You are more than welcome re the help you received and best of luck at college

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