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A newbury driving instructor with an independent driving school. Providing driving lessons in Newbury, Thatcham and the surrounding areas. We can also provide lessons in pass plus, parking and refresher lessons and motorway driving. Discounts and gift vouchers also available.

With the benefit of a driving instructor with a high pass rate, you can be assured that you will receive patient and effective tuition to the highest standard. You will also be provided with training material containing details and diagrams on; crossroads, emergency stops, roundabouts and manoeuvres e.g. parallel park, bay park, turn in the road and reverse around a corner.

Semi intensive courses are provided usually over 2 to 4 weeks depending on the pupil and how many hours per week they want to do. Intensive courses can also be provided. However this is usually only recommended for pupils who show a good aptitude on an assessment lesson.

Parents and partners are welcome and indeed encouraged to sit in the back of driving lessons at any time. That way parents or partners can not only see the progress the pupil is making during driving lessons but can also help with private practice.

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07968 712995

01635 37682

Latest news

  • Email from An Old Pupil

    Hi Peter, It’s Anna, you taught me to drive about 3/4 years ago now I wanted to say hi, and see how you were doing. My hot-mail account has been redundant for a while now, and I lost your mobile number in various phone changes, and while I remember this account is my University email […]

  • Driving School Newbury – Victoria Tallis

    Congratulations Victoria Tallis on passing your driving test in Newbury with 3 minor marks on your second attempt. Looking forward to seeing you soon for Pass Plus.

  • Gabby Coe – Driving Instructor Newbury

    Well done Gabby Coe on your first driving lesson in Newbury. We managed to start driving within 10 minutes of your driving lesson and we covered; moving off & stopping, turning left & right in & out of side roads, uphill & downhill starts, meeting traffic, clutch control and roundabouts. We also looked at coasting, […]

  • Driving School Newbury – Barnaby Omar

    Well done Barnaby Omar on passing your driving test in Newbury on your first attempt with 2 minor marks.

  • Driving School Newbury – Catherine Gaffney

    Well done Catherine Gaffney on passing your driving test in Newbury with only 1 minor mark on your first attempt.

  • Johnnie Hayes – Driving Lessons Newbury

    Well done Johnnie Hayes on a good first driving lesson. Having driven before with your parents we looked at brushing up on your driving especially on not looking at the gearstick while changing gear!

  • Alex Podolski – Driving Instructor Newbury

    Well done Alex Podolski on a good first driving lesson. Having driven before with your mum we looked at tidying up your driving and looed at some manoeuvres too.

  • Maddy Weeks – Driving School Newbury

    Well done Maddy Weeks on a good first driving lessons in Newbury. Having driven before a number of years ago we looked at getting you used to driving again and got you used to becoming more fluent with the controls again.

  • Mariya Desyatova – Automatic Driving Lessons Newbury

    Well done Mariya Desyatova on your first automatic driving lesson in Newbury. Having driven before we looked all aspects of your driving and worked on improving your use of observations before moving off and mirrors whilst on the move. Good luck with your theory on Monday.

  • Driving School Newbury – Hope Dinsey

    Well done Hope Dinsey on passing your driving test on your first attempt in Newbury

  • Driving School Newbury – Becki Hutt

    Well done Becki Hutt on passing your driving test in Newbury with only 1 minor mark at your first attempt with Peter Skelton Driving School.

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